Our Mission

Our History

Second Congregational Church UCC in Coventry is a community that has gathered based upon a common faith in God as realized through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Our members and friends acknowledge that we are part of a family of Christians gathered in this place and also part of a larger family comprised of the children of God throughout the United States and around the world.  We enjoy sharing together in fellowship so that we can celebrate one another's company and be available to be a loving support to one another.  We also celebrate the fact that all of our faith, family, and fellowship, is available for all to participate and engage in together.
For 30 years there was only one church in the town of Coventry: the First Church, situated on the Old Training Ground on the corner of High and Cross Streets on South Coventry. The parishioners from North Coventry probably made the trip on horseback, in wagons or even afoot—to a church building without heat. A growing desire to divide the town into two parishes culminated in the 1735 decision to provide preaching in the home of Noah Rust during the 3 winter months. The Second Parish was incorporated in October 1740.
The first church was built not far from the present structure, practically on the site of the Pomeroy House. This building was used for worship from 1744 to 1792, and never completely finished, it was in this building that the church was formally organized on October 8, 1745. The fourth minister of the church, Dr. Calhoun, later referred to the original members of the Second Society as “though straightened in pecuniary resources…having an energy of character…an untiring perseverance and an attachment to the cause of Christ”.