Our Teams

Our Teams

The role of the Administration team is to handle the nuts and bolts of the church and make it all work smoothly. They are responsible for all aspects of property management and developing the working policies and procedures for successful operation. They also manage the church staff and are responsible for the rental of church property.

The Education team is charged with developing and administring programs designed to help the church members deepen their biblical understanding and grow in their spiritual faith. They facilitate programs for children including holicay pagents and Vacation Bible School; for youth in the form of retreats, mission projects and confrimation; and discipleship classes and Bible studies for the adults.

The job of ensuring the church members' and regular attendees' needs are met is the responsibility of the Fellowship team. They organize Sunday coffee hour after church, picnics and other social events. They care for the congregation when an individual is ill by sending flowers and visiting the ill or invalid. They also coordinate the internal communications for the church through newsletters and the church directory. 

The goal of the Missions team is to look outside the local congregation and find opportunities to assist in the UCC's global mission through programs like the Crop Walk, One Great Hour of Sharing and Covenant to Care as well as community outreach through projects such as local food and fuel banks, Windham Area Interfaith Ministries (WAIM), and blood drives.

Pastoral Relations
Pastoral Relations serves as a communication link between the minister and the congregation in order to promote healthy relationships between  between pastor and church member and they assist in the timely resolution of any conflict that might arise between pastor and congregation.

The Stewardship team oversees all financial aspects of the church by identifying opportunities for the church to support our community and the greater church; proposing and managing the church budget, capital improvement funding, and annual pledge drive; and fund raising as necessary to carry out the programs and activities of the church.

The spiritual nurturing of the congregation is the responsibility of the Worship team who ogranize the Sunday morning services, communion, and all special services from weddings, funerals and baptisms, to ecumenical and seasonal programs.